EN ISO 20345:2011 - Certified safety footwear

Specification for safety footwear for professional use: Footwear with characteristics suitable for protecting the wearer against injuries that may occur in the professional sectors for which the footwear has been designed, with toe caps for providing protection against impact, when tested at an energy level of 200 J.

  • I. Footwear made from leather and other materials, excluding all-rubber or all-polymeric footwear.
  • II. All-rubber or all-polymeric footwear.

Marking categories of safety shoes:

Category Class Additional requirement
SB I or II  
S1 I
  • Closed seat region
  • Antistatic properties
  • Energy absorption of seat region
S2 I As S1 plus water penetration and water absorption.
S3 I As S2 plus penetration resistance and cleated outsole.
S4 II Antistatic properties. Energy absorption of seat region.
S5 II As S4 plus penetration resistance and cleated outsole


Additional requirements:

Requirement   Symbol
Whole footwear Penetration resistance P
  Conductive footwear C
  Antistatic footwear A
  Electrically insulating footwear I
  Heat insulation of sole complex HI
  Cold insulation of sole complex CI
  Energy absorption of seat region E
  Water resistance WR
  Metatarsal protection M
  Ankle protection AN
Upper Water penetration and water absorption WRU
  Cut resistance CR
Outsole Resistance to hot contact HO


Requirements for footwear resistant to slip:

Marking of product for slip resistance properties Symbol
Ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate SRA
Steel with glycerol SRB
Ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate & steel with glycerol SRC