Blåkläder expands - invests 40 million SEK in fully automated logistic solution

40 000 square meters is not enough when Blåkläder is expanding rapidly. To avoid having to enlarge the main office and warehouse, 40 million SEK is now put into a new fully automated logistic solution. In addition to a more efficient warehouse management, better work environment, faster order processing and increased delivery reliability are benefits of the new system.

– We need more space for both our office and warehouse. This was an effective way to expand the existing premises since we can streamline our warehouse space by 60%, says Anders Carlsson, CEO at Blåkläder.

Blåkläder is one of the first companies in Sweden to invest in the hyper-modern logistic solution AutoStore. Besides efficient disposition of the bearing surface, AutoStore also provides better working conditions for the warehouse staff.

– We see many advantages of the system. Not least, it is more ergonomically correct for our staff including less heavy lifting and less risk of accidents when we no longer will use forklifts. We will also be faster in our order management and send out more products per day, says Anders Carlsson.

AutoStore is built as a large cube with different boxes. Each box has a number connected to a product. At the top of the cube, robots are assisting on command, retrieving and delivering products requested by the staff.

– The easiest way to explain is; we turn around the entire inventory management. Before we drove around with forklift trucks to load and pick products. Now we do the opposite - the staff stands at the station and the products come to them, explain Anders.

The system, which is the most modern of its kind, uses extremely low power and are - in an environmentally way - a well thought-out solution. In the first step, AutoStore will handle 28 000 boxes in the warehouse, but Blåkläder already planning to double that amount.
– We are in a strong growth phase. 2015 was a record year in many ways and we continue forward with the same energy, says Anders.

Blåkläder is well known for their competitive concept with their own production and warehouse management, strong durable products and long-term ownership. The company expects an investment of around 40 million SEK in the logistic system AutoStore, which will be in operation by May.

See how AutoStore works: